Marine energy converter developers, whether they are for wave or tidal energy, are working hard to gain enough momentum to become economically viable. And with an almost limitless resource, the prize is great.

But with the harsh marine environment it's no surprise the engineering is proving difficult. Constant stresses and strains, huge storm conditions, corrosive sea water. All challenging working conditions for the device and their maintainers….


...start your design with the right materials...


PolyGen Ltd

PolyGen works with marine energy device designers to implement cost effective polymer based solutions, specialising in the remarkable polyethylene polymer.

Key Properties of Polyethylene

High fatigue resistance
Light in weight, density 950 - 960 kg / m³
Buoyant in sea water
Flexible, accept bending radius down to 20 x OD
High abrasion resistance
High chemical resistance
High strength
High resilience to shocks
Permanent low head loss
Weldable, by butt fusion
Almost unlimited lifetime underwater


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New Staff Recruited

December 2017

PolyGen are happy to welcome Tommy Moore to the team. His mechanical engineering and project management skills will be utilised to support the ongoing work on Volta and other polyethylene design projects.


Volta WEC

To find out more about our flagship wave energy converter, follow the Volta link

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